Why Offset Printing for my business

Why Offset Printing for my business

So, why do I need offset printing? If low price weren’t enough of an incentive, the convenience and flexibility of this printing style would supply the rest of the answer.

Almost every modern business has computer equipment, and a majority of these computers have programs that can quickly and easily create “printer quality” files. This means that a business owner or computer user who wants to design their own flyer, posters, catalog or even book will be able to do so thanks to the process of offset printing.



If a specific example is required, consider the following: a small community center wants to be a bit more competitive with a few local fitness clubs.

They see that the clubs print quarterly catalogs or flyers advertising their equipment, classes and membership rates. So, the community center finds a volunteer to design a small catalog for their upcoming winter programs. They find an online printing company who reviews the file and sends them an electronic version of the printed catalog. They can review this file and approve the print job.


Main advantage of Printing Offset

One main advantage of offset printing as against digital printing is the ease and affordability of printing in very large quantities of as much as a few thousand pieces.

With offset you get the best savings possible with the discounted rate for bulk orders. The limitation though is that you are required to print in larger quantities and would have to choose from among default sizes

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