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WASSUP GUYS, BAKER HERE! Today I have a really cool tutorial on how to use my super awesome updated plugin/preset and create really nice and fully customizable smooth transitions.

Anyways, be sure to LIKE and FAV this tutorial and if you have any questions, feel free to comment or hit me up on facebook or twitter.

Get the transition preset, sound pack, and color grading pack here:

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FAQ AND TROUBLESHOOTING: (Will be updated as questions come in)

1) My image is flipped!

Apparently Adobe did something weird with their newest AE CC update (released around mid April?). Whatever they did, it makes my preset flip upsidedown. There are three fixes: either click the “collapse transformations” button for the adjustment layer, or go to “project settings” and disable gpu rendering. Also, if you’re not doing a sliding transition, turn off the “offset” effect. I have asked Adobe to fix their update.



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15 Comments on “ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE TRANSITION PRESET FOR AE! BakerEasyTransitionV2!”

  1. I hope you guys enjoy my updated transition preset/plugin. Just in time for summer too! If you make any cool videos, be sure to drop a link!

    Anyways, here's a quick update on my life:

    Ashley and I are having our first kid (a daughter) late August. It's probably gonna change our lives. She will be a stay-at-home mom afterwards, so I'll be the only one supporting our family for a little while.

    So, special shoutout to all of my subscribers and followers who have supported us through the past 5-6 years! You guys are the best.

    I also passed all of my Professional Engineering exams, which means I am completely done with studying and classes forever. Now I can just relax until the baby is here.

    I promise I will try to publish more actual tutorials in the future though. Hang in there buds!


  2. Just got a bundle for myself! Ive been following you for some time now dude, and it's crazy to see how far you've come! Keep on doing what you're doing! Much Aloha, all the way from Hawaii!!

  3. I downloaded your preset and they won't work on my Mac, I'm running a 2011 Mac with 2017 Adobe Creative cloud, ay thoughts on why or did I just waste 10 dollars for no reason

  4. Hi Baker – not sure if you will see this question. I installed V2 and applied the transition and it appears not to be working like in the video. I have windows PC AE CC2017. When I apply the transition it immediately goes all warpy within the entire length of the adjustment layer. Then when I shorten the layer to just where the transition should take place it's still all warpy and I didn't even play with any of the settings. Not sure if anyone else is reporting this? I'm a user of version 1 as well.

  5. scaling issues: if I just use say the Zoom at 100% the second clip comes into frame very small and then settles scaled to frame. If I increase the monitor output height/width, it just duplicates the picture? Any solutions? what am I missing haha

  6. Which one should I buy? This one or the old one? Does this include the old ones or do they both have different transitions?

  7. Had problems with rendering, then saw the FAQ about the GPU/CPU. Changed the AE project to CPU and works flawless!

  8. Please Help! Whenever I add the effect to the adjustment layer, the tiling completely messes up. Im using mixed 4K and 6K timelapse footage. Would this be the problem? I bought both V1 and V2 and couldnt get either to work!

  9. i had an render issue when i render with media enconder. i did the edit on a pc, then i came to work where i work on an mac, then i did the render on a pc again and the render fucked up. looked like the motion tile just mirrored the video in the middel. but if i renderd with the render within ae the render is fine, and the prew in ae was like is should be. (all was ae CC)

  10. Dang it, everyone I know uses these for AE but I can't buy them, I'm broke. Great transitions though 🙁

  11. I'm having some issues with the preset. When I put it on an adjustment layer, the image mirrors in the center, and the effects do not work. I can send you a screenshot if you need some clarification.

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