Solid ink

Solid ink Over the past decade, inkjet printing has become a popular and inexpensive way to get a color image on your home printer. However, conventional inkjet printers have many shortcomings, which can be removed by applying new technology developed in 1986 by Tektronix and called Solid ink – ink sticks. It was originally designed for commercial printing, but after the company Xerox received patents on the Solid ink technology, a ColorQube 9200 home printer was developed, which was presented in 2009. The feature of this printer is solid ink sticks instead of liquid ink or toner powder that are commonly used in printers. An ink stick is loaded into the print device, melts there and is used to produce images on paper in the process similar to offset printing. Xerox claims that solid ink produces more vivid colors than other methods, is easier to use, and can be used for printing on a wide range of media. It is more environmentally friendly due to reduced quantities of waste during the use of this technology. Sticks are non-toxic and safe to handle. The print quality of a solid ink printer does not cede to the ink jet one. But it is not afraid of moisture and has high mechanical resistance. During the use of the solid ink technology, it is important to remember that the image is created by a wax-containing paint. Therefore it should not be exposed to further heating, for example during re-printing on a laser printer. In general we can say that the ColorQube technology is one of the interesting and promising directions of development of office printing equipment.

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