Imagesetter for Flexo, Screen, Gravure Printers Create Dry Film Positive Negative

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Create film positives and negatives using a TechStyler or Liberator film imagesetter. These imagesetters are thermal based so there are no inks, no toners, no chemistry and no processor. You can easily create excellent looking films without the hassle of inks, vellum or chemicals.

The ultimate solution for producing Flexo and Screenprinting films is a thermal imagesetter. The Liberator imagesetter is designed and manufactured specifically for the purpose of producing films to be used for Flexo, Screenprinting, and other Prepress applications. These systems require no chemistry and are very easy to operate. With this type of system the only consumable used is the film. The thermal films produce high contrast films with density between 4.0 and 5.0 which is well suited for flexo and screen printing environments. The systems also offer extremely accurate registration and repeatability (plus or minus 0.01% measured at a length of 60 inches). Films are both waterproof and archival lasting as long as 20 years or more. This is the only system currently available that is made especially for the purpose of imaging both positives and negatives for prepress use. Our thermal imagesetters are industrial grade machines that are designed to be production workhorses.

This printing equipment works great for flexo (flexography), screen and gravure printers. Produce films for garments, shirts, tshirts, cups, mugs, promotional products, pens, gobos, duratrans, backlit media, chromogenic printmaking, type-c prints, c type photographic prints, metal etching, engraving, point of purchase displays, large format screen printing, screened prints, silkscreen, serigraphy, screen mesh film, screen transfer films, die cut film, high intensity uv film, sand blasting film, pad printing film, metalphoto films, solid density film, wallpaper screens, packaging, metalphoto, dry film, metal photo processing, photopolymer printing plates, transparencies and more.

The film is not light sensitive like other graphic art film. When the thermal imagesetter applies heat to the film, the reactive layer turns black and creates the image. The equipment and film is available in a wide variety of sizes up to 54″ wide.

Replace your existing imagesetter, laser printer or inkjet film equipment with a chemical free solution. If you are using an Epson or HP inkjet or laser printer to produce film positives or film negatives let us produce a film sample for you so you can compare density and registration to your existing equipment. We know you will be happy with the results once you see how easy this equipment is to use.

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  1. Yes, the machines can handle outputting large quantities of film. The TechStyler outputs 600 dpi and up to 65 lpi on a roll 35.5cm wide. The Liberator outputs either 600 or 1200 dpi and up to 133 lpi and this machine is available from 45.72cm to 137.16cm wide. You could fit your 60cm x 14cm jobs on either of these machines because we can rotate the job at the RIP. The software includes Advanced Media Saving which can be set to gang the jobs to fit more than one job along the width of the roll.

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