cadTouch R4 for iPad

Get cadTouch R4 from the iOS AppStore!!! (It’s a free update for cadTouch R3 users)

This 4th release completely redefines cadTouch
with top notch features:

➤ Input/Output:
– Seamless DWG/DXF support (including v2012)
– Saves as DWG
– Exports PDF (for printing and sharing)
– Merge DWG/DXF at specific position
– Export images to photo album
– Email input/output

➤ Usability:
– Precise input with unrivaled ease of use and really fast drafting speed
– You can enter lengths and angles with a non-invasive numeric keyboard
– Option for metric units (decimal) or imperial units (feet and inches as architectural standards)
– Redefined selection system with single finger and window selection
– Interactive tutorial included

➤ Design features:
– Text
– Dimensions
– Parallel offset
– Grip points (stretchable, with precise input)
– Advanced OSNAP (endpoint, midpoint, intersection, center, perpendicular, tangent)
– Alignments to adjacent points
– Hatches
– Colors, line-widths, line-types and patterns
– Objects (blocks)
– Objects library
– 18 preloaded objects (architecture, engineering, electronics, home design) and more to come in future updates
– Editable objects
– Trim lines
– Explode tool
– Query distances, area, moments of inertia and centroid of shapes
– Layers
– Undo/redo

➤ Advanced design features:
– Advanced line-types like sketchy-style, insulation and grass
– Advanced hatch functions like associative boundary-shaping, holes/islands
– Advanced patterns like earth, wall, roofs
– Advanced object features like mail-sharing, batch object replacement, add new objects to the library from selection
– Automatic scaling of text/dimensions/patterns/linetypes (can be disabled)

➤ Tools and editing capabilities:
– Tools: line, polyline, sketch, rectangle, circle, 3-point arc, point, hatch, text, dimensions
– Transformations: delete, drag, drag a copy, rotate, rotate a copy, mirror, mirror a copy, scale, trim, offset, explode

cadTouch R4 for iPad/iPad 2 (and soon iPad 3 with retina interface) reinvents on-site drafting, unrivaled ease of use and unprecedented multitouch workflow speeds. cadTouch follows you on the workplace: create new drawings from scratch and then save them as DWG or send drawings for PDF printing; you can view, edit and query information from your existing files. Finally you will replace paper and pencil when surveying real-estate properties or when detailing mechanical parts, architecture and structural elements; take the professional advantage of producing desktop-class CAD documents as you measure rooms or parts on the go.

* Complete-featured 2D mobile CAD solution, draw with ease and precision. Using our innovative angle-distance polar coordinates method, the multitouch screen of your device is now the fastest and more accurate way to draw anything technical on the go (from building silhouettes to mechanical details) and review/query/edit your drawings right where you need them, on the worksite.

* No internet connection required, you can create new drawings right from your device with desktop-class tools.

* When you are on the go, cadTouch will give you the details and flexibility paper won’t. You can query, edit and add geometry. With this new release you have unprecedented power on your hands: you can insert objects (like furniture, appliances, parts, etc), dimensions, text, hatches…a lot of features that will make you save a lot of time and increase your productivity.

* Native DWG/DXF file support, now you can open and save your work on the same format you use on your desktop computer, this bridges your office to your site, you will always have your drawings with you when you really need them. (compatible with: AutoCAD™, ArchiCAD™, SketchUp™, Illustrator™, Solidworks™, Vectorworks™ and every DWG/DXF-capable software).

* cadTouch uses iTunes™ file-sharing (drag & drop files from your computer) and can send/open email with attachments.

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