Book Production : Offset Book Printing

Offset printing used to be a popular way to print books, but now it is used primarily for high-volume printing. Use offset book printing to publish a large quantity of pages with tips from a publishing editor in this free video on book publication and production.

Expert: Paula Winters
Bio: Paula Winters is the editor of Published by Westview, Inc.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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2 Comments on “Book Production : Offset Book Printing”

  1. It never pays of if you print a little quantity. I am a offset printers and any thing that you print you would need a 1000 copies at least, other wise you will ask you digital printer to make all the time additional copies. If you print 3000 copies A4 brochures with the fold on 4 color offset you will pay maxium 180 USD.

  2. Not all Offset Presses are huge 4 – 8 colour presses.
    Horses for courses, you need 2000 cheap 2 colour flyers, go to your local Offset printer.
    If you need 200,000 full colour double sided brochures then you need it printed by a large company with a press as the lady described.
    Such as an A1 Speedmaster or the like.
    But if you need a short run say 200 copies digital is your best bet.

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