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Frank Djibouti appearance of banknotes and banknotes.
In 1862, France established control over the territory of Djibouti and a French colonial franc was introduced in circulation on the territory of the country.
In 1977, after the referendum, Djibouti was granted independence and the French colonial franc was replaced by the national currency, the Djibouti franc at the rate of 1: 1.
Frank Djibouti is a fairly volatile currency, which is rapidly depreciating.
1. Degree of protection of the franc Djibouti is a watermark in the form of a national coat of arms. This security element is visible when examining the banknote against the light and with the obverse, and with the reverse of the banknote.
2. Degree of protection of the franc Djibouti is a matching image. This degree of protection is located on both sides of the banknote. On the obverse of the banknote, an image is printed, half of which is filled with one color, at the same time and on the reverse of the banknote, the other half of the image is filled with another color. When the banknote is held against the light, the image can be seen completely colored in both colors.
3. Degree of protection of the franc Djibouti – a unique serial number, located horizontally on the obverse of the banknote.
4. Degree of protection of the franc Djibouti – raster printing.
5. Degrees of protection of the Danish crown – anti-copy elements.
Anti-copy grid – parallel and multidirectional thin lines that are not reproduced on copiers.
Omron rings are images in the form of rings of the same diameter (about 1 mm), applied by offset printing, which form a certain structure: configurations of five rings of Omron, one of which is the constellation of Eurion. These are graphic labels designed for copy protection.

approximate price
Denomination: 500 francs Price: $ 35.00 Peak #: 36b Year: 1988 Grade: aUNC
Denomination: 1000 francs Price: $ 20.00 Peak #: 42 Year: 2005 Grade: UNC
Denomination: 5000 francs Price: 75.00 USD. Choose number: 44 Year: 2002 Class: UNC

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